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I have been attending Anita's barre classes since Barreista Studio opened in mid January. At 64 years of age I was disturbed at my weight gain despite eating healthy and exercising. Since attending barre classes regularly, I have lost nine pounds and now fit comfortably into my favorite skirt. I plan on wearing it Easter Day. If you are thinking about going to barre… do it. You will be amazed at the results. In class we work on balance, muscle tone, cardio and so much more. Anita is truly a dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful and successful professional. See you at the barre!!!!!

Maria Selzer

I love the power of word of mouth. I came to barre with a family member who had expressed how much she loved this class. That day I met Anita, her grace and beauty was expressed in her movements at the barre. I walked away feeling empowered, stronger, the next day I was sore, but I wanted more! I recommend barre to anyone seeking something new, for anyone wanting to spice up their workout to tone up and build strength. There is a good chance you will flashback to ballet as a child, but this time you will feel like a hardcore ballerina! Thank you Anita for your introduction to such a beautiful class. I am so grateful for your instruction and friendship.

Sari Harmony Peterson

This class is the only one I have ever had fun while working out. Teaches grace, posture, core strength and cardio all in one class, does not get any better that I know of. I have tried this as various studios and I must say Anita follows through on every barre movement! I love love love this class and thank you Anita for being the grace for us all to follow. Also you see and feel results immediately.

Diana Rogers

 I have been taking Anita's Barre classes for over a year. My body feels stronger and more toned than all my years of yoga and weight lifting. I love Anita's teaching style.
She keeps me challenged in every class and her workouts never get easier.
The combination of strength and cardio leave me feeling completely satisfied, awake
and alert after every class.

Jami Rose

I am 62 years old. I started taking barre class with Anita a little over a year ago. I loved the dance element to this program and was so happy that it was a good workout and fun to do. I made it a twice a week routine and noticed in only a few weeks I was building strength, endurance, and flexibility all at once. I was scheduled for total hip replacement and barre class helped me get ready for surgery and recover twice as fast as most people report. My true passion is riding my horse over cross country jumping courses and barre class has strengthened my core which is essential in horsemanship. When I travel I try out different classes in other cities. I was quite surprised at how much BETTER Anita's classes are compared to all of the big name studios. Unlike Anita's method they did more work off the barre than on, there was almost no cardio, they used a lot of repetition, and some of the moves were uncomfortable to do. They all seemed very generic. I love how Anita does the workout with you and tells what muscles we are working all through the class. She also changes it up all the time so you never get bored with the same routine. Anita truly has a gift. She is one of a kind. She has made this old girl graceful, grateful, healthy, and happy! When you go to her class you are going to the best!

Audrey Farley