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Feel the burn, see the change.


Cardio -Bring it on!

Cardio is such an important aspect of exercise, and at Barre-ista fitness, all classes include bursts of cardio to keep the calorie burn high and to help flush out the muscles after sculping sequences.

Some benefits of cardio include:

• a raised heart rate
• a stronger heart and lungs
• calorie burn
• increased bone density
• restful sleep
• more energy
• your "feel good" endorphins will increase

We were made to move... Let's Go!

Weights are heavier than they appear.


Barre workouts are known for sculpting a lean and feminine physique. Lifting lighter weights for more
reps is effective! Why? What's crucial is to push your muscles until they're fatigued & can't lift anymore. You'll see dramatic change and beautiful results, fast! Thanks to barre. Your light, hand held weights with small range of movements, static, isometric holds until your muscles shake and burn kind of workout!

Go ahead, grab some weights!