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Anita Graves Martinez, CPT - SNS



Anita is a Certified Personal Trainer with NCSF, Certified Barre Instructor with Body Barre Forte approved by ACE and a Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist with NCSF. She holds a career diploma in Fitness and Nutrition as well as a diploma in Medical Terminology.

Anita has served as a Fitness Instructor at Taos Spa & Tennis Club and is a Licensed Gymnastic and Nutrition Coach who has worked with children from Kindergarten to 8th grade. She is certified with the Red Cross in Adult and Child CPR/First Aid and certified with NFHS in First Aid, Health and Safety.

When she's not helping others realize their dreams and goals on their health and fitness journey, she's with her husband and two children hiking and playing, taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors that Northern New Mexico has to offer.

Join me for happy hour at the barre


Barreista fitness focuses on creating grace and elegance by lengthening and aligning your body. It challenges you to increase core strength and flexibility with isometric movements. It builds endurance and bone density in your body through strength training, muscle fatigue and ballet fluidity. It encourages you to come away from your comfort zone and find your inner strength. Be empowered as you embrace the shake and enjoy your body working toward its full potential. You'll benefit from the fine balance of stability and the strategically placed bursts of cardio, which will melt inches while flushing your muscles. Get ready to improve grace, strength and endurance all while improving your mental and physical strength. There are no plateaus at the barre. You'll see your body progress and continue to thrive.

What to expect at a barre class


A lot of fun & great music! The music is a mixture of 70's 80's 90's and current & is set to 132 BPM. Barre is an invigorating workout.
I start with a warm up using light weights and upper body exercises. Next, we move to the barre and use our own body weight for resistance. It’s there where we focus on the thighs and seat muscles as well as the leg and calf muscles. Your core will be engaged the entire class and then targeted at the end.
Most exercises are performed with a neutral pelvis and some with
a tucked pelvis. Both have benefits. For the cool down, you’ll perform a series of stretches to increase flexibility. This will allow your muscles to recover. I use a variety of tools to keep it fun and fresh. Balls for squeezing, weighted balls, weighted discs, resistant bands, just to name a few. No two workouts are ever alike. I change routines weekly so you do not get bored and more importantly, your body will be challenged every time.

Go ahead & embrace the shake!

What to wear to a barre class


No tutu's required! I suggest long leggings that keep your muscles warm and a tank top. As for shoes, you don't need them! You can go barefoot or wear grippy socks to prevent slipping. Bring your water bottle and a small towel. Get ready to sweat, embrace the shake, tuck & have fun.

While barre will help you become more graceful, you do not need dance experience to begin.

Caution: you will experience a "happier mood" through out your day, addiction, yields about a 400 calorie burn per session!